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If the software is the music of the technological world, are you on par with Paganini?

I have a deep appreciation of classical music, especially violin: I am genetically wired to like it (I chose to go to musical school into violin, despite my parents having better options for teachers…

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pre-requisite for running the benchmark:

Assuming you are running Debian or ubuntu, have docker and docker-compose (or can create virtual environment via conda):

git clone -b benchmark — recurse-submodules the-pattern./

It should end with curl call to qasearch API, redis caching is disabled for benchmark, it’s a…

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Knowledge Graphs: Ontology in plain English (translation from Russian Telegram post by Prapion Medvedeva)

When building complex information systems or walking through life in general, we constantly assign types to everything we or others talk about.

A high-level ontology defines the types of entities.

Suppose we assign an entity to…

You got probability and likelihood calculation wrong; this is why you can’t build a proper recommender.

I finally finished reading long overdue essay (300 лет в искаженной реальности) in Russian, which is referencing Nature publication “The ergodicity problem in economics” and “Time to move beyond average thinking”.

Those pieces are…

Newsletter from NVIDIA about the BERT model with 1.2 milliseconds on the latest hardware reminded me that I run BERT QA (bert-large-uncased-whole-word-masking-finetuned-squad) in 1.46 ms on a laptop with Intel i7–10875H on RedisAI during RedisLabs RedisConf 2021 hackathon.

The challenge:

1) BERT QA requires a user input — question, hence it’s not…

Being green for IT first and foremost means effective use of resources.

It’s quite topical to be “Green” today and while it’s difficult to differential “Green-washing” from the action, personally I believe we can all contribute to “being green” by effective use of available resources.

You may need a large…

It’s brilliant: Microsoft releases GitHub co-pilot which is trained on open source code on Github.

Hurray! Developer productivity may increase occasionally.

Hold on second, have you checked licenses on those repositories you used for training?

As MS is an open-source contributor it probably knows about open source licenses, their differences and that a lot of them have a “derivative work” clause — that any code derived from the work shall also be open-sourced and attributed accordingly.

There is no legal precedence or practice regarding this and I don’t believe MS FAQ on “fair use” of open data will hold the water if challenge.

I would argue that since MS used code with GPL type of licenses to train the Co-Pilot algorithm it shall release the Co-pilot model in its entirety.

See this and this discussion.

Update: very simple example of working data fusion in every phone: panorama photos. Stitching images is a hard image-processing problem, adding gyro measurements made it way simpler.

Newsletter from Comet-ML arrived in my mailbox and it nearly forced me to spill coffee, the passage which caught my eyes:

From CVPR…

One of the things I noticed in my hobby project working with Redis I started overthinking and over optimising:

Consider old code here — it makes two calls to RedisGraph, one to fetch edges and then another one to turn node ids to list of dictionary `{id:node_id,name:node_name}`, both queries are…

Prior to starting in my previous employment — Shopitize Ltd, I was a researcher for about 8 years and I didn’t manage anyone, but myself. Now I find myself in charge of 35 people spread into 4 different countries. What do you do to get help? Call your mate.


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I am a systems thinker with a deep understanding of technology and a methodological approach to innovation

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