Metacortex Engineering: Meta needs Brain—Cortex

Original Matrix — Metacortex building

I see metacortex engineering combination of approaches AI, ethics, systems and enterprise engineering.

When everyone got excited about Meta and Metaverse, I thought two things:

1. We are behind in our exploitation of VR and AR, and we could build VR based interfaces for analysts and data scientists, turning them into Super Analysts. Technology has existed for the last ten years and nothing stops us from building interfaces inspired by Johny Mnemonic and Minority Report. I attempted to do it with The Pattern project and I am glad Facebook now drives traction towards it.

2. There is a lack of useful core in Meta(or web 3.0 discussions). However, I believe it’s solvable with the right application of known approaches in the wider industry: systems engineering (including cyber-physical systems), enterprise engineering (including the theory of constraints), ethics and AI technologies. For example, in a recent discussion, “integrity” or ethics of business model is part of organisation requirements for enterprise engineering. The role of AI can be to remind humans to make ethical decisions.

Name Metacortex featuring in the Matrix movie (respective software company), but the one I liked in Hannu Rajaniemi — Quantum Theif series, where metacortex is core of the collaborative network.

Join the discussion on TOC and AI LinkedIn or contribute your ideas to the open-source website, mind “engineering” bit — the thought or discussion should not be purely abstract, but lead to implementation in a physical world, even if there are gaps in technology.




I am a systems thinker with a deep understanding of technology and a methodological approach to innovation

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Alex Mikhalev

Alex Mikhalev

I am a systems thinker with a deep understanding of technology and a methodological approach to innovation

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